About Us

Mauldin High School is the largest high school in Greenville County. We pride ourselves on academic achievement, strong values, and community service. The Student Council of Mauldin High School serves year-round and plans events within and outside of school. Student Council has many long-standing traditions, including football tailgates in the fall, canned food drives before Thanksgiving, and Spirit Week in the winter.


Across the country, most schools host a spirit week during their school year. Some schools have dress-up days and a few fun activities, but Mauldin does more. We host over 30 events in one week to raise money for a local charity. From 5ks to talent shows, students and community members participate in a variety of activities to raise the most money possible.


What makes Mauldin’s Spirit Week unique?

For one, all spirit week events are student-planned and student-run.  Months before Spirit Week begins, student council members are brainstorming, planning, and organizing their events. Everything, from flyers and applications to donations and supplies, is created and collected by the event chairs.

In the past 16 years, the students of Mauldin High School and our community have raised over one million dollars for several upstate charities, including, Pendleton Place, Safe Harbor, Let There Be Mom, Hope Academy, Bilo Charities Children’s Cancer Center, Building Dreams, and many more.

Mauldin High School and Student Council look forward to continuing the tradition of Spirit Week by giving back to our community, our school, and the upstate.